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Frequently asked questions

1I plugged the power adapter, but no light indicator is on.

There is a power switch located at the bottom of the RolliPet, please turn it on

2I am using D batteries to power the RolliPet, but video and audio feature don't work

When RolliPet is only powered by D batteries, it only guarantee the scheduled feeding will execute on time, other features are disabled in order to save power. If you want to use all the features of RolliPet, please connect AC adapter and WiFi.

3Is RolliPet safe, will anyone access its camera to spy on my privacy?

Video and audio streams are using P2P protocol transmission, directly from Phone network to your WiFi network which RolliPet is connecting with. Our global server is mainly for DNS bindings, not for transmitting data. Besides, all the video and audio data transferring is encrypted by public-key, not accessible from 3rd party or even server administrator.

4Is the food container made with food grade materials which is safe for pets?

5My dog always knock down the pet feeder, what can I do?

Placing the pet feeder at a corner or against a wall will help prevent knocking over.

1If I use my social media account to login, is my information safe?

Social media authorized login is created from official API, all information is authorized, stored and transferred by your social media account like Facebook, twitter, etc.

2I'm using the latest Android OS, Google Play Store says RolliPet APP is not compatible to my phone.
Our RolliPet App always supports the latest Android OS, but there is a buffer time to get approved and shown on Google Play Store, You can always download our latest RolliPet APK at Here, and manually install.
3First time pairing my mobile device to the RolliPet and I'm experiencing error (uh-oh sound).
  • Please make sure you have entered the correct password to your wireless router. Password are case-sensitive, so please ensure that you have an exact match to connect.
  • Another possibility, make sure your router has the 2.4Ghz band. The RolliPet can only support this frequency.
  • Please restart your wireless router and try to connect again. Sometimes a router must have a refresh to connect a new device.
  • If you are using an Android device to pair, try to disable cellular data (i.e. 3G, 4G, LTE, etc.) temporarily, to prevent network switch, which causes pairing failure.
4My RolliPet is experiencing feeding and scheduling errors.
In your RolliPet App, Under Settings, then Device Management, please check for Firmware Version. Make sure the Firmware is up-to-date with the latest version. It is best to check periodically to ensure your RolliPet has the most current version.


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