We love our pets, but

We are busy, sometimes we just don't have time stay with our pets, so we couldn't feed them on time or right amount. Want your pet to be healthier?

Introducing RolliPet

RolliPet is designed for portion control so you can help your pet diet there way back to health. Each portion of pet food is measured in one single cup. RolliPet’s App allows you to program the amount of food dispensed and the time of day it gets dispensed. For example, your pet needs to eat twice a day, once in the morning with smaller portion, and once at night with a larger portion. On your RolliPet App, you can schedule for an 8am Feeding Time with 3 Cups Dispensed and another schedule for 7pm Feeding Time with 5 Cups Dispensed. You’ll be notified on your phone everytime your RolliPet Feeder dispenses food for your pet.

Perfect for


Everything controlled by your mobile device


Support both Apple and Android


Patented design


HD Camera for video and picture


Share your moment with social media


Remote manual feed


Two-way audio


Setup your pet information and track feeding

Everything is controlled by your mobile device

Download RolliPet APP, available from Google Play and Apple APP Store, connect RolliPet with your WiFi, then enjoy your remote control and communication.

Video and voice interaction

You can record your voice and set it as greeting before feeding. Two-way audio makes you can talk and listen to your pet. Video surveillance enables you to check your pet's activities, Let's find out what is your pet doing when you are not home. Record the great moments and store it in your phone or RolliPet SSD card.

Transparent top cover, simple front panel design

Removal and large capacity Pet Food Tank, hold up to 4.3 liters of food. Clear cover makes you see through the tank, easy to check pet food level. Single button design with all function light indicators.

Top lock design

Prevent food spill from Pet's play.

Removalbe food tray

Removable food tray with side lock design, help to stabilize RolliPet, also good for food reloading and tray cleaning.

Control food distribution by scheduled or manual feeding

By using RolliPet APP, you can setup scheduled feeding up to for times a day, everything feeding is up to 10 portions of the pet food. It is good to feed your pet on time and on right amount, prevent over fed. Treat your pet with manual feeding, you can choose the distribution amount every time. both scheduled and manual feeding will be recorded in the report.

Removable food tank

The food tank is removable for easy cleaning. Also for when not in use the food can be easily empty out for storage.

Other awesome features

RolliPet SD Card slot

SD Card slot

RolliPet provides you a SD card slot, so you can store your recordings to the SD card, in order to save your Phone storage spaces, you can choose in the RolliPet APP to sync your favorite pictures and videos to your phone.

Power-cut protection

You can install 3 Size-D batteries, to make your RolliPet work without AC adaptor to ensure scheduled feeding to be executed on time*.

*When powered by D batteries, only scheduled feeding will work in order to save power. Other features require AC adapter and WiFi.


Share your moments

RolliPet APP enable you to share the photos and videos taken from RolliPet to be shared on your favorite social media.

Feed log and Pet tracking

RolliPet APP will send you a notification when scheduled feeding failed, and it stores up to 30 days feeding record, and keeps tracking your Pet's information.




Internal plug and play P2P service

Support iPhone, Android phones and tablets.
Support playback, no extra app needed.

Support auto recording while feeding, pictures and videos are be stored in phone storage or external TF card, support up to 32GB TF card.


CMOS 1 megapixel

H.264 25fps


AWB, AGC, BLC, support mobile app zoom in/ out

F2.0, 125° Wide-angle Lens

Support ADPCM/G.711/G.716

Remote setup feed greeting, choose from different audio profile

Dual-way asynchronous audio chat

Out-of-food alarm, feeding fails alarm


support WIFI, 802.11 b/g/n

One device can be added by one account, but support same account multiple devices login.

Dynamic DHCP IP address

Max 4 meals a day, max 10 portions each meal, choose different feed greeting

Max 10 portions each feed

After the power failure, if device is using backup D alkaline battery, auto feeding will still work, feeding information will stored in the device’s chip and will upload online when power is back.

After the network failure, auto feeding will still work, feeding information will stored in the device’s chip and will upload online when network is back.

2.1 kg / 4.6 lbs

9.6” x 12” x 15” (with food tray)
9.6” x 7.7” x 15” (without food tray)

4.3 L / 1.15 Gallons / 18.2 Cups

5-15mm dry pet food


8RPM, 4V, 2000 hours

5V / 2A